La Timpa
Timpa Acireale

The nature reserve is located in an area which has remained almost completely uncontaminated. The “coast of the lemon groves” offers spectacular scenery of rare beauty. “La Timpa” is a cliff face which is made up of built up layers of volcanic rock from various eras, alternating ancient sediment with pale grey lava rock of earlier falls and dark grey from the most recent.

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il borgo marinaro di S.M. La Scala
The "Chiazzette - Spiaggia del Mulino - Sorgente Miuccio" Path

Level of difficulty: medium
A walk through the ancient centre of the city. From the Steps of Aci to the Fortress of Tocco, across the "Chiazzette", picturesque Spanish paths along which you can admire the characteristic aspects of the vegetation of the reserve, until you arrive at the little village of Santa Maria La Scala. By turning left you can reach the Beach of the Windmill where you can see fresh water rivulets right under the rocks, the "water fall" from which the purest water pours, the perfect chance to refresh yourself on the popular pebble beach.

* Return trip by bus from S. M. La Scala to Acireale (
h: 8,10 | 9,35 | 10,35 | 11,35 | 12,35 | 13,35 | 15,40 | 17,00 | 17,40 | 19,45
(only during working days, tickets can be bought on the bus)

The "Acquegrandi" Path

passegiataLevel of difficulty: high
The path starts near the Via Nazionale, in front of the Church S. M. delle Grazie; take the path which runs alongside the church in order to reach an open space, dominated by a natural amphitheatre, on the right of which there is Acquegrandi beach. To get to the beach, climb down the rocky mule track where at sea level there is a wide, stony beach.

The "Acque Del Ferro" Path-Santa Caterina

Level of difficulty: medium
The path, with entrance from Santa Caterina dalle Terme Nuove, zigzags across the Timpa and allows you to enjoy the splendid countryside until you arrive at the small pebble beach where you will find the fresh water spring "Acque Del Ferro" (Iron Springs), so called because it leaves a rust-coloured deposit on the rocks.

The "Pietra Monaca" Path

Level of difficulty: medium to difficult
Entrance in Via Gangi or Via Pennini, go through the subway under the railway line to reach route 114. Via Pietra Monaca is a straight, uphill road which runs along lemon groves. The name "Pietra Monaca" (stone nun) refers to a rock by the sea which resembles a nun lying down, which can be reached by following the path. From the coastline the Windmill Beach can be reached.